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Timeless Exposure: Transformation of Memory (For R.H.)

An expired roll of unopened 35mm film sits on a shelf in my mentor Rebecca Horn’s painting studio for almost two decades, which I found in 2018. The studio is in an old monastery adjacent to a chapel and place of pilgrimage for centuries in Majorca. I load the film in my camera and shoot the roll between Majorca, Berlin, and Horn’s Moontower Foundation near Frankfurt.

The first 17 photographs on the developed roll reveal a gradient of sky-like blues and purples. Each frame holds a unique coordinate of space, time, and memory shrouded in unique decay, hidden from view. The 18th photograph, a sudden departure into pink, is the first identifiable image: back at Horn’s studio where I work during my visits.

The final piece reveals an unknowing psychic conversation between two artists across time and space, one concurrently taking place during purposeful conversations on topics such as memory, spirit, meditation, and the color blue. The resulting images present a non-linear story of chance and love.

The work is presented in a 3×6 grid of framed photographs in an edition of 1. Individual prints are available on request in an edition of 3.