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André Baum is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and singer from New York City. Baum creates at the intersection of sound, image, and word. The resulting works are often a combination of all three media, used as a means for self-inquiry, cultural critique, and collective healing. A natural sound is recorded. A spontaneous lyric is written. A short film is shot. A inquisitive idea pulls them together into one story. Each piece is an essential thread of a whole web, a full sensory map made with equal parts chance and vision.

Named after André Breton, Baum is inextricably linked to Surrealist history and ideas. Baum is guided by the (r)evolutionary and imaginative practice of Surrealism, often using his own lucid dreams and trust in spontaneity to form his artistic practice. His curiosity guides him to where the physical and the spiritual meet, where the interdependent nature of light and dark define each other, where the use of writing, visual representation, and music together can convey deeper truths than when used alone.

Baum is currently based in Berlin. For inquiries about bookings, artworks, or collaborations, please email